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Hybrid Work: The Model of the Future

28th March 2024

Companies worldwide are bridging the gap between a past that had most employees physically present in the office, and a future that remains uncertain. Remote work became a temporary solution for many businesses as a response to the COVID-19 episode. However, it looks as if remote work will persist in the form of hybrid work models to allow companies to effectively engage talent and create value.

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How to Overcome 12 Major Outsourcing Concerns

15th February 2021

In 2020, COVID changed the way businesses viewed remote work. Many companies that had never used a remote workforce for objective and subjective reasons were compelled to let their employees work from home to save their business operations. These new circumstances have empowered IT outsourcing, providing it with new opportunities. In this series of publications, we will review traditional outsourcing concerns and fears in the new business environment. We will use our experience, best practices, and industry standards to discuss and address these concerns. In our view, 2021 may open a window of opportunity for many companies to start using IT outsourcing and to resolve their long-standing business problems.

  1. 15th February 2021

    #1: The Language and Communication Barrier

    Many clients consider language and communication issues the main barriers to outsourcing. This concern is linked to two fears: a vendor’s ability to communicate in the client’s native language and the absence of face-to-face communication.

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  2. 19th March 2021

    #2: Lack of Control Over the Team and its Work

    Every business owner wants to maintain control of his or her company and to run it efficiently. All company resources should be utilized with maximum productivity and minimum idle time.

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  3. 17th May 2021

    #3: Loss of Product and Technology Knowledge

    Software product development is, undoubtedly, a very complex task. A large software product usually comprises a lot of business and technology knowledge. The final product code embodies all this knowledge but doesn’t explain it.

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  4. 23th Aug 2021

    #4: Compromised Work Quality and Failure to Deliver

    Some business owners have a misconception that outsourcing is bound to deliver lower quality compared to on-premise development. They presume that an outsourcing vendor’s focus is limited to developing software on a contract-by-contract basis, rather than a long-term commitment to the client’s product and business success.

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  5. 26th Oct 2021

    #5: Insufficient Data Security and Confidentiality

    Each time you move your data outside of your organization, you risk losing that data or its confidentiality. This is true regardless of where you move your data: to your client, to your cloud provider or to your outsourcing partner. However, this risk does not necessarily mean that your data will be lost or disclosed to unauthorized parties.

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  6. 31th Jan 2022

    #6: High Cost of Outsourcing

    At first glance, this concern might seem irrelevant because the very idea of outsourcing is to reduce the cost of services. With time, however, the cost of outsourcing has progressively increased due to the growth of economies at outsourcing destinations.

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  7. 23th May 2022

    #7: Turnover of Key Project Personnel

    In software development, it is very important to keep the core team stable and unchanged during the entire project duration. Your core team holds all product and project knowledge, most of which might not even be documented due to the agile nature of the project. It’s a real challenge to replace the core team members without losing some product knowledge and team velocity.

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  8. 15th Aug 2022

    #8: Culture Gap between Client and Service Provider

    Sometimes clients are reluctant to outsource their projects to other countries due to cultural differences. Their fear is that people from different cultures will not be able to work together and communicate efficiently.

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  9. 15th Nov 2022

    #9: Distant Work and Time Zone Difference

    Distant work is a core feature of outsourcing. It allows you to use human resources from countries with lower prices or with a bigger labor market. Outsourcing is unimaginable without remote work.

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  10. 6th Feb 2023

    #10: Absenteeism and Leaving the Project

    This valid concern is based on the presumption that employees at an outsourcing company serving multiple clients and projects, do not value every project equally, and always have another project to escape to.

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  11. 18th May 2023

    #11: Poor Infrastructure

    Sometimes, companies are reluctant to use outsourcing, fearing a weak IT infrastructure on the supplier’s side. They fear ongoing technical problems in their communications, losing the produced source code or documentation, and disruptions in the work of the remote team.

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  12. 18th Aug 2023

    #12: Government Oversight and Regulation

    Our series of posts about outsourcing concerns is coming to an end. Today we'll discuss the last major concern — government intrusion. It is our last topic but not the least important one, since government intrusion can destroy a sound outsourcing relationship.

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